Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Welcome to Power to the People

Uhuru, if you're reading this then you're reading the first post of my blog.

My name is not important as the topics and issues that I will be discussing during the entire existence of this blog. I am a revolutionary. I made that word bold because quite frankly, it's a bold statement.

It's a bold statement to support the overthrow not only of the current ruling class, but the whole system from which it is founded on. A system which is exploitive, repressive and oppressive.

This system, Capitalism, has lost all usefulness and exists only as parasite.

What do i mean?

When I say parasitic, I'm talking about something like a tapeworm. If you're lucky enough to have a job in the legal capitalist economy, you go out and work. If you're black or latino, you work like a dog. If your lucky enough, with the meager wages you earned at the job, you can scrape together enough money for food, shelter and clothing. Most of the time you buy the food in your own community, which means its the worst food you can buy. Then you cook the food, throw some hot sauce on it to give it some taste and swallow it.

Now, the tapeworm doesn't do anything. It attaches itself onto to your stomach. No matter how much you eat, you never get any bigger. The tapeworm feeds itself at your expense. You just eat and eat and eat, but you're still withering away and can't understand why. Yet, the tapeworm gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

When a diamond worker in Sierra Leone works for 30 cents a day and that same diamond ends up in a display case in Tiffany's Co. for thousands of dollars.

That is parasitic.

Today, less than 3% of the trade is within Africa itself. When 97% of trade with Africa has all the natural resources leaving Africa, going to Imperialist nations in North America, Europe and Asia.

That is parasitic.

When an immigrant worker from Latin America is exploited for their cheap labor and is hired to work for less than their white peers.

That is parasitic.

Capital, or wealth, can only be produced by the working class people, whose labor it produces and reproduces. This wealth produced by the working class people is stolen from them and controlled by a small handful of capitalists.

This expropriation of value; this endless pursuit of profit comes at the expense of working class people and poor peasantry the world over. Where material needs are ignored if it doesn't involve make money.

It's time for a new system where the needs of the people come first. This can only come through the socialization of the means of production. In which case the working class is in firm control of the wealth that it produces and the economy is reshaped to meet the needs of the people. Power must be snatched from the hands of the elite and given back to it's rightful owners.

This is what we are fighting for.

Power to the People.

You have nothing to lose, but your chains.


Guerin said...

Hello, Comrade.
I´m a militant of Communist Democracy (Luxemburgist). Some of us, with others comrades of Workers Democracy Network, Tribuna Socialista, and others, are creating an International Luxemburgist Forum, multilingual and public, to debate.
This is a forum for those in general agreement with the ideas of Rosa Luxemburg, but in a non-dogmatic sense. We recognize too the contributions of other related revolutionaries tendencies
The link is

Guerin said...

In the face of the economic crisis, working-class activists need to discuss the how we can move forward, and how workers are in fact fighting the attacks that come out of the crisis. As part of this discussion, activists in Argentina, France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the USA have initiated a new journal, Mass Strike. The first issue of a new journal, is online at It is now available in English and Spanish and will be available soon in French. Mass Strike is the bulletin of the International Luxemburgist Network, which groups together those who are in general agreement with the ideas of Rosa Luxemburg.

Luxemburg’s work on the democratic self-organization of the working class, the mass strike process, the functioning of capitalist accumulation and her unwavering opposition to all forms of nationalism is, we believe, critical to understanding and acting on today’s world. But her work grew out of living, evolving tradition of Marxist working-class thought that includes the work of many others before, during and since her time. We draw on that larger tradition, not on her work alone.

The website has a multilingual international forum. We encourage all those who agree with the ideas of Rosa Luxemburg to contact us and to join this Network, since it is open to all.