Saturday, November 24, 2007

Monthly Action Alert: Hands Off Obadele Kambon!


Title: Support Obadele Kambon facing trial on Dec 10 2007!
Time Frame: 1 Month

Plan of Action: Protect/Support Obadele Kambon as he faces a police corruption induced trial on December 10, 2007.

Purpose of Action: Be involved in a continued fight against Police Brutality and corruption in our communities by helping to support our warrior brother.

On the evening of June 25, 2007 at 9:45PM, Obadele Kambon and his pregnant fiancée, Kala Mujibha, were stopped by the Chicago police allegedly for a broken turn signal light. Without explanation, Obadele and Kala were told to get out of the car and were unlawfully searched, handcuffed, and detained by the police while the car was illegally searched without expressed or implied consent and without probable cause. Though Obadele safely transported an unloaded weapon in a closed container within the trunk of his car with papers of ownership, the police confiscated the weapon, arrested Obadele, and impounded his car. Because the police had no probable cause to perform the illegal search in the first place, they decided to manufacture probable cause out of thin air. In an untruthful report, the police claimed that in stopping Obadele and Kala they visibly saw the weapon in the cabin of the car. Furthermore they said it was loaded, allowing them to pursue felony charges. Due to the lies of the police and the malicious prosecution of the state's attorney, Obadele now faces a serious felony charge with a minimum of five years imprisonment.

Obadele Kambon, who has given so much to our communities, now needs our support. Our young, brother-warrior has been an uncompromising fighter and activist for the Afrikan community all of his 28 years of life. He has not only acquired five Afrikan languages, but has taught these languages of our ancestors to Afrikan communities all over the world; including Ghana, The Gambia, Senegal, the U.S., Canada, Belize, Australia, and England. In Chicago alone he currently teaches at seven institutions from pre-school to middle schools to alternative high schools to the university level. Our brother, who has taught our youth and adults how to defend themselves as a Capoeira instructor and Outdoor Survival instructor in Chicago and Mississippi, and has started an Afrikan Language Institute and African Liberation Forum online to provide our people with courses, resources, and information for the purpose of our re-Afrikanization, can face five years in jail. As a PhD candidate, who has never had any prior criminal records in his life, Obadele is now being erroneously accused of having a loaded weapon in the cabin of the car. This concocted story filled with holes changed the scenario from a case of transporting a weapon in a manner consistent with federal guidelines to a trumped up aggressive unlawful use of a weapon charge with the potential to enact harm to the Black community which he serves. What do lack of probable cause to search, illegal search tactics and blatant lies on a police report and in front of the grand jury get the Chicago police? A day off of work and a monetary bonus for finding a weapon. While the story of the police couldn't be further from the truth, we know who the real criminals of our communities are….

The Chicago police department is notorious for their brutal and unlawful acts of harassment and murder within our communities. The reported death toll since 2000 is 85 from shootings alone much less the deaths as a result of Jon Burge-like murders from torturous police interrogation methods that go unreported. We can only imagine the number of innocent lives that have been lost physically, spiritually and emotionally in Chicago alone due to acts of genocide and false imprisonment at the hands of the Chicago police. According to the Chicago Reporter, a reported 45% of police who have been involved in wrongful death lawsuits were previously sued for police misconduct; in some cases multiple times. Obadele Kambon's case is a case of gross police misconduct. Will the police go unchecked in their lies and misconduct only to be the next officers to take liberties and innocent lives as in the case of the recently disbanded Special Operations Section (SOS) of the CPD?

The Prison Industrial System has increased arrests of our brothers and sisters claiming the lives of thousands of our youths. These police officers, often backed and supported by the legal system, have gotten away with the murder of our youth and the murder of the souls of our youth through incarceration with impunity. Meanwhile, many of these incarcerated thousands of our people have been wrongly accused but do not have the funds to obtain the proper legal aid needed to protect them from this nefarious system.

Let's not allow this corrupt system to stop another of our sons from doing the work of liberation for our people! Support Obadele Kambon as he faces trail on December 10th 2007!

We Need Your Help:

1. Make A Financial Contribution to Obadele Kambon's Legal Defense fund- Click the Donate Button Below:
and follow the instructions to make a contribution to the paypal legal defense fund online, or send your contributions to the following Address:

Obadele Kambon Legal Defense
C/O PO Box 1256, Wendell NC, 27591 (773) 696-5765

Because of these concocted charges, Obadele has had to postpone his wedding, incur costly charges of legal fees, vehicle impoundment, bond and more totaling more than $10,000. In the 1960's the police used the underhanded tactic of draining individuals and organizations that were doing the work of our people through various means; physically through false incarceration, monetarily through trumped up charges, emotionally through harassment and terrorism and more. Their tactics have not changed. Have we changed our response?

2. Support by attending the Dec. 10th trial: The trial is being held in an area outside of Chicago that is notoriously racist. A large presence would be an empowering influence for Obadele, and will send an effective and powerful message to the court. The more people of our community present in support of our brother the better. Let them see how many people are in support of Obadele and against these corrupt actions! Please wear royal Afrikan attire or wear All Black or ALL white in solidarity.

Date: December 10, 2007
Location: Fifth District Courthouse -- (773) 974-6800
10220 S 76th Avenue, Bridgeview, IL 60455
Time: 9:00 AM Sharp!

3. Tell Others: Inform your family members, friends, community organizations, Black-owned establishments, related email list serves, media contacts, and others know about what is happening on December 10th. Ask for their participation and support for Obadele Kambon. Information about this trial, info about police brutality, and how to protect yourself when stopped by the police, etc. can be downloaded and handed out. (See below).

4. Educate and Participate: Obadele's case is one of thousands of examples of the historical police brutality and genocide against our people. Educate yourself about the issues going on locally, nationally, and internationally concerning police brutality in our communities, know your legal rights when approached by the police. Participate in organizations and/or community events addressing such issues.
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Download Fliers Below

Please Read and Distribute Widely Word Version PDF Version

Distribute Widely

Facts and Info on Police Brutality - to view article

What to do if you get stopped by the police - to view article

Know your rights when approached by the Police - Video

Goals & Outcomes


1. To have the charges against Obadele Kambon dropped, and his record cleared.
2. To raise the funds to help obtain the legal aid urgently needed for and after the trial.
3. To mobilize an empowering force for the trial in support of Obadele and against Police corruption/white supremacy To spread information to educate our community about Police Brutality and the Prison Industrial System


Charges dropped against Obadele Kambon so he can continue doing the work of liberating our people.

Greater level of education and activism surrounding issues of police corruption and the prison industry.

*We are asking for the Unity and collaboration of all Pan-Afrikans, Afrocentricists, Grassroots organizations, websites, mailing lists, news services, individuals, students and etc. to get involved with This Monthly Action Alert Campaign.


Renegade Eye said...

I know how the Chicago police can be. I was questioned by their "Red Squad."

This could be linked to Jena6 support.

blackstone said...

Yeah, it's a shame, he's an amazing brother. He has an online African Institute centered on teaching African languages. I had wanted to take up some of his classes on Wolof, but i wanted to finish learning Swahili instead. When i found out about this i was shocked.

But def, this needs to be linked to Jena 6 support and to mount strong opposition towards the State.

Phil BC said...

Best of luck. Solidarity greetings from Stoke SP.

The Red Son said...

I too would like to express my solidarity. I recently read a really interesting blog on the racist and classist nature of gun control in the US. A disarmed populace is a complacent populace. Keep Fighting!

Akyeame Kwame said...

I appreciate the support and expressions of solidarity. All forms of support are much appreciated and much needed during this difficult time.

Obadele Kambon