Sunday, March 2, 2008

"I Can End Deportations" Video Game Release

Found this interesting post on the blog LeftSpot, please spread the word comrades. If you tried it out, let me know what you think.

I am very excited to announce the launch of Breakthrough's new free
and downloadable video game ICED - I Can End Deportation. ICED lets
you experience first hand the unfair nature of immigration laws on
detention and deportation.

You can be Ayesha, the Green Card holder, who was deported for a
school essay; or Marc, a Green Card holder, who fought for the
and ended up in detention.

Play the game, spread it far and wide, and visit the website for
action ideas. I encourage you to get involved in the campaign for
fair immigration laws. Because when we let the government deny due
process and human rights to some people, we put all of our freedoms

Warm regards,


Dear Friends:

After two years of hard work and lots of support from many of you, I
am pleased to announce that ICED is finally out. The game can be
downloaded at and we would really appreciate your
support in spreading this to your networks. We'd particularly be
interested in reaching out to youth groups and educators with the
upcoming curriculum. But please - everybody – download and play the

We've already started to get media coverage - here are a few links.
Thanks for all the quick responses for the Orange County Register

Extensive report on GameDaily:

and here's the version on AOL Latino:

Thank you again for all the support and input. I hope ICED will
contribute positively to our struggle for due process and human
in the United States.

Warm regards,

Mallika //

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