Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ground Noise & Static

Good evening comrades,
Hope everyone is well.

In case you haven't heard, SubMediaTV has teamed up with Pepperspray Productions to produce a 30 minute documentary chronicling the amazing resistance movement at the recent RNC and DNC. It has tons of never-before-seen footage and it shows definitively that the surveillance and policing efforts at each of the conventions went way over the line, but that also demonstrators and resistance members didn't back down for one second. It's truly a great film and shows that the resistance movement against State oppression is alive and well and gaining ground.

Check it out here: http://submedia.tv/stimulator/2008/10/06/ground-noise-and-static/


Renegade Eye said...

At the RNC over 800 were arrested.

The most serious charges are 8 charged with conspiracy. I expect them to be acquitted, because informers will have to be outted.

I was at the big march on the first day.

blackstone said...

Hey ren, i never understood, when arrested at rallies, Are you charged with anything? ANything on your record?

Bongs Bay said...

800? wow

stephen said...

The title of your blog itself innovative..can anyone explain about RNC.If u wish to reply do as soon as possible...
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